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Fresh flower showcase/display cooler

     We are specialized to produce flowers cooling for storage, we have a large produce factory, integrating scientific research, product design, machinery manufacture, sales and after-sale service.
      The newly designed flowers cold fresh cabinet,for keeping your cut flowers healthier,fresh and long lasting.We have the world's leading technology.
     We have various types, feature-rich flowers reveals ark, Service scope covers supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, subway and so on.
     Mainly includes:flowers cooler,flower refrigerator,florist cabinet,Flower Cooling Showcase,Flowers vending machine,Flowers reveals ark,flower chiller

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Product Description

Product Description
     Such flower showcase can keep and store the fresh flower for over 30days-35days.It is often good option for flower shops or hotels. temperaturer is designed at 10 centigrades to 15 Degrees centigrades. Humidity: 85% up. insulation glass in use to keep the good eye on the fresh flowers inside.

Product Feature
     It is often good option for flower shops or hotels. The product has a beautiful appearance, good cooling effects, flowers fresh-keeping and preventing water loss, extending the shelf time for the fresh flowers so that it's best choice of fresh flowers seller, flower shop display, storage, etc.


Product Specification/Models
     cooling display/showcase are also available for storage of meat/cakes/fish/fruits/vegetables.

     to keep fresh for flowers in longer shelf storage time

Other Information
     Our such fridge showcase/display has a CERTIFICATE "CE".

     T/T advance


     35dasy -55 days


Minimum Order

     wooden crate


     Here we declare:We are serious with high quality and not fake company.if you are scared of using T/T Advance payment to do business with us,please don't waste time of both yours and us.