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Glass sliding door flower cooler fridge chiller refrigerator

     We are specialized to produce flowers cooling for storage, we have a large produce factory, integrating scientific research, product design, machinery manufacture, sales and after-sale service.
      The newly designed flowers cold fresh cabinet,for keeping your cut flowers healthier,fresh and long lasting.We have the world's leading technology.
     We have various types, feature-rich flowers reveals ark, Service scope covers supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, subway and so on.
     Mainly includes:flowers cooler,flower refrigerator,florist cabinet,Flower Cooling Showcase,Flowers vending machine,Flowers reveals ark,flower chiller

   Contact us, always have you unexpected surprises…

Product Description:

1.  Length can be customized according to the site.

2.  Flower can be kept fresh in it for 30 or 50 days without withering. Use occasion: hotel, flower shop, etc.

3.  Main parts: metal, glass, refrigeration equipment, humidifier, etc.

4.  3 factors to be noted in purchasing flower showcase: 1. Temperature; 2. Humidity; 3. Air quantity.

5.  It requests rich refrigeration knowledge and experience to make the above 3 factors satisfying, which can not be achieved by small producers. 

6.   flower refrigerator

7.   flower display cooler for sale


Product Parameters :

  Upright flower Cooler


Model No.



Power Supply



flower refrigerator

  XHG-A-1.2   1200*700*1900  195   220V/50HZ  15


flower refrigerator







 195   220V/50HZ  15

42 14